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1991 Jackson Soloist


Jackson Soloist -- The Story behind the Sword Princess Graphic


The guy I bought the guitar from designed the layout and paid an artist $550.00 to create this far out design. The Artist airbrushed the guitar dark purple and orange for the sunset. Then he did a cut out for the silhouette of the volcanoes, mountains, and the screaming dragon on the top cutaway. Last but not least, the pen and ink drawing of the Sword Princess was added, then clear coat was applied over the entire guitar.

This guitar is a one of a kind, it started as a pure black soloist. Jackson never made a design like this its an original of the artist. This is the only guitar like it in the world.


I play this Jackson more than any of my others right now I like it. But it does need a little work. The frets need a dressing (I was quoted $40) and it could use a new pickup selector switch ($15-20). Right now you have to wiggle the switch a liitle to get the front pickups to play at full volume. But since I mainly play the humbucker, it never bothered me. Overall, this guitar is really cool.


- GTRkev



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