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----- Original Message -----

From: "'George Norwood'" <>

To: "Kevin" <>

Sent: Tuesday, October 29, 2002 8:04 PM

Subject: RE: Les Paul Custom...




Since I didn't purchase directly through Ebay, I decided to send feedback

via email.The Les Paul is outstanding an in terrific shape.It's as good

as any I've played before.Thanks for a wonderful instrument.It has

definitely found a good home.




(2001 LP Custom MINT - Black with Gold Hardware)






Thanks for the note and feedback. I owe yours. I will do that now. Yes, I am very pleased with the guitar. It is in great shape! Thanks again for the great business deal. I hope all your transactions go this well and continued success to you!



Jim F.

 (Jackson Soloist Pro)




  I received the guitar today. After adjusting it to my tastes (I prefer a higher action. I think it's from playing the Paul) I plugged into my Mesa Rectifier and was very pleased with what I heard. I would agree that this thing is a solid guitar well worth the money. It is just as you described it, in as new condition. You were not kidding when you said that you didn't play it much, absolutely no wear. The tone is great. I am really nervous about buying something as personal as a guitar site unseen, but you were honest and a pleasure doing business with. I went to leave you feedback on ebay from the sale but it was down. I will try to get it done tomorrow if time permits. Thanks again.


     One very satisfied buyer,



(Jackson Soloist SL2)



Hey Kevin,


That was a first run Jan/1983 Fender 1957 reissue Strat with original case!

It was made by the Fender Custom Shop people (they didn't have a name back

then) and its one of the finest reissue Strats I've ever seen. It is being

set up now by my tech Rene Martinez and everyone here in Seattle is gloating

over it! I knew by the 12th position dots and darker neck color it was an

older model.


I thank you for parting with it at such a great price. I have passed on your

reputation to several guitarists I know.





P.S. Check out: for some great guitar stuff

for yourself! Be sure to see yours truly in the credits section!


GTRkevís note: There are great pictures of SRV on your website and Thanks Again!



Hey Kevin,


The package arrived today, and the guitar was in excellent condition. I

appreciate your honesty the guitar cleaned up to expose and almost unplayed

condition if not for the pick scratches on the guard. Thanks again for a

SUPER deal!!!!! Hope to do some repeat business.


Best Regards,




Hi Kevin:

Sorry it took so long to email re: the Deco (Jackson guitar). I received it on Thursday...record speed!

I'm very happy with it. Its "broken In" nicely and fun to play. We have certainly two diff. playing styles! I lowered the action a lot and straightened the neck (which is perfect) and crowned the frets a little and then dug into the electronics and replaced all pickups with a favorite combination I like. I played it Friday and Sat. night for two sets each night. Got great comments! I don't mind the little dings at all. If it was perfect, I wouldn't take it out of the house. Thatís what happened with the Sunset (Jackson)! I didn't want to scratch it. I left ++++ feedback on eBay. I hope you will do the same. Let me know if you run into anything interesting in the Jackson world. I especially like USA Dinky's. I'm having the Jackson custom shop build me a guitar that should be done in Dec. this year.  Take care and thanks again!   Brad


GTRkevís note:Brad knew about the dings before he purchased the guitar, thatís another reason they werenít a problem.




The Marshall head was received today in fine shape.It is a present for my

son's high school graduation and he is tickled pink.He bought a used

Marshall cabinet with four 75 watt speakers from a local Guitar Center

store.Great sound.The house is shaking.


It has been a pleasure doing business.






Frequently Asked Questions