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The Difference between a

Les Paul Standard

And a

Les Paul Classic


I wanted to know the differences before I bought my Les Paul guitar, because I wanted a Standard and not a Classic.  They are very similar both sound good, but you can tell the difference by a few small details.

  1. the tuners
  2. the pickups
  3. the word "Classic" is not on the headstock or the truss rod plate.
  4. the trapezoid inlays are normal mother of pearl on a Standard, not "aged" at the factory to look yellow like on a Classic.
  5. During 1990 - 2001, the thicker 1950's neck (which adds more sustain) is on a Standard and not the thinner slim-taper 60's neck found on a Classic.  In 2002, LP Standards come in both neck configurations, and the pickups are different (Burst-Buckers).


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