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My Guitar Collection:


My Guitar Collection (2001)
My Les Paul Collection (2002)
 (LtoR) LP Custom (black), LP Std. Amber w/Black Burst, LP Std. Honey Burst, LP Std. Natural Maple
My Jackson Soloist Collection (close up's)  
Custom Shop Jackson Soloist - Checkerboard Body closeup
Jackson USA - Skulls Body closeup
Jackson SL-2 Body (SOLD).  
Fender '95 Strat Custom Shop, Texas Specials, tweed case, MINT   headstock   neckplate & s/n   body certificate of authenticity  (SOLD IT)


Kramer Pacer Body   full shot

Info: Jackson Professional vs. Jackson USA

Info: Jackson Professional vs. Jackson USA



Amp Collection:


Marshall "Slash" 100w head   &   30th Anniv. 100w 3-ch midi capable!


Excellent info on Marshall Tube (or Valve) Amps

Guitars For Sale :


Guitars for sale page

Guitars SOLD :



guitar guitars and more guitars to come, I have not finished loading all the pictures.
I hope you enjoy looking at these.