Gavin McLeod Homage Day Party



Last updated: 06/18/2004


No Response:



If you are not on the 3 lists below, then I donít have your response.



Yes, Going:



Anne (Luscinskas) & Mitch Maddren

*Becky (Hodder) Stephens

Ed Killer

Eddie Klinke

Jerry Hayhurst

Karen Lips

*Kevin Koffman

Kim (Noworyta) Sunner

Kyle Knauf

*Lee Earnest

*Mary (Mamott) Mitchell

Mike Swyrn

Neil Johnson

*Nicole Piscopo

Robert & Tracey Taylor

*Sheryl (Store) Mendiguren

Steven Martin

Patti Lesniak

Tim Lesniak


* Contributors to the Homage Day Fund Ė Thank you!!!




Maybe Going:



Trisha (Trish) Reynolds

Wynsome (Hatton)

Nancy Lee




Sorry, Canít go:



Chris (Thieme) Covington

Vicki Castro

Fran Melia

Chris & Lisa

Clyde & Lisa

Helena BrÍtas Rueter

Phil Sloan





Contact Info Needed for:



Jeanette Sutherland

Bud Sanders

Sandy McQue

Eileen Nehme

Rachel Kelley

The guy who used to drive the Vega, what was his name?


Is there someone else we should invite? E-mail me.



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