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Gavin McLeod Homage Day


Frequently Asked Questions




1. What is everyone doing about their kids?


Answer:  Kids are definitely welcome, but at re-unions and get-togethers such as this, you may want to spend more time catching up with old friends than chasing little guys/girls around the picnic tables.  Having the kids stay with relatives for a day/weekend might be a good idea, but there will be kids at the party for sure!   KIDS ARE WELOME!




2. What are we going to be doing? (Do I need to bring my beer drinkin' pants- the ones with the elastic waist?)  

  Yes, bring drinking (elastic waistband) pants !!!  and if you're more daring than I am, a bathing suit, too.  It's an outdoor party.  Sun, Fun, and lot’s o’ beer!!!



3. Should I make arrangements to stay at my folks or is everyone staying out? (We could maybe get my mom & dad to watch to the kids for one night.)

  My recommendation is Courtyard By Marriott in Jensen on the Ocean, but many people will be staying with friends and family.  For a list of Activities, see the schedule of dates and locations on the website.  By the way, we’re staying at the Courtyard By Marriott in Jensen.  Most people are probably staying with friends and family.  Tracy & I will be at Marriott making a complete vacation of it all!  My Kids are probably staying with my Mom and Dad, but if Mom and Dad are busy (or tired) I'll happily drag the kids along.






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