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Featured on EBAY:

HONEY BURST!!   GIBSON 2001 LES PAUL STANDARD  PLUS "MINT" WITH ORIGINAL HARDHELL CASE!   Bookmatched flame maple AA+ top, mahogany back, Rosewood fretboard with pearl trapazoid inlays, Alnico magnet humbuckers, Tune-omatic bridge and stopbar tailpiece.  “As New” condition, no scratches or dings.  You will not be disappointed with this beauty!  Plays perfectly and looks amazing!  $1650.00

Front (MVC-161F.JPG) BACK (MVC-163F.JPG) HEADSTOCK (MVC-166F.JPG)  The pictures really don’t do this guitar justice, in real life this honeyburst looks even better than the amber & black burst LP below the flames are very 3-D which is hard to get in a picture.  It is the best looking guitar I have ever had.  see it on eBay!!             




Bookmatched flame maple AA+ top, mahogany back, Rosewood fretboard with pearl trapazoid inlays, Alnico magnet humbuckers, Tune-omatic bridge and stopbar tailpiece.  “As New” condition, no scratches or dings.  You will not be disappointed with this beauty!  Plays perfectly and looks amazing!

 go to eBay: see or bid on this Gibson Les Paul Standard PLUS++++  $1550.00 reserve   PICTURE OF THE TOP CLOSE UP #2!



2001 LES PAUL Custom BLACK BEAUTY – MINT!!!! Why pay $2,600 for a new one, when you can get a the same Gibson Les Paul Custom Black Beauty for less. only $1,799.00

FRONT (MVC-169F.JPG)  FULL VIEW (MVC-172F.JPG)  HEADSTOCK (MVC-180X.JPG) (very similar to the guitar pictured below, but sounds better and looks better)



(SOLD) Gibson LES PAUL CUSTOM, Black Beauty 1957 R/I, excellent condition $1750.00 (SEE eBay LISTING ABOVE)

I try to be conservative when I rate the guitars I sell, but I must say this one is in very good

condition.  There is some very, very light worming on the back but I could

not get it to show in the photos, not bad at all, but I want you to know its

there.  Otherwise, this guitar is in great shape.  Plays great, excellent

action.  Classic Black Beauty.  You will not be disappointed with this one!!

 full full-with-case back action-view  headstock  headstock_back  body-closeup   back2




Kirk Hammet KH2 comes with certificate of authenticity and original ESP hardshell case.  Skull and cross bone inlay on fretboard, frets in very good condition, brand new setup, Tremsetter installed, just like Kirk's guitars.  Everything works perfectly.  It's an all around great guitar, plays perfect, great action, perfect setup, stays in tune better than any guitar I've ever seen, and has killer sound and sustain.  It has the some swirl scratches on the back, none that are deep though.  Other than that, it's in perfect condition.  EMG pickups to Kirk’s specs… REDUCED!!!  $850.00 Photo:  MVC-047F.JPG  MVC-048F.JPG  MVC-050F.JPG  MVC-056F.JPG




Fender SRV Strat – one of THE best sounding Strats I have ever played, and I have played tons in my time, including several other SRV models.  This one is hands down BETTER sounding!  It has more punch, more twang, more balls – you get the idea —what a tone!   This is a player’s guitar not a collector’s, b/c it has a small nick on the back.  (But I’ve enjoyed it in my collection J.) The famous Texas Special pickups, , and SRV pickguard all come standard.  Frets may need a dressing if you want perfection, no twang bar, but comes with the original tweed case.  You just won’t find a better TONE anywhere! $850.00 Fender SRV Strat  MVC-848X.JPG MVC-849F.JPG MVC-850F.JPG MVC-851F.JPG MVC-852F.JPG MVC-853F.JPG


Gtrkev’s note: I had the price on the SRV lower for a while, but I changed it back to $850 again.  That’s right I played it again… I just don’t want to let it go cheap… It just sounds soooo good!  If you do decide to buy it, you won’t find another that sounds as good, and that’s for sure!


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Ibanez JEM 77 FP (Floral Print) with all original parts in very good condition. This is one of the original floral production that uses cloth pattern. The neck is straight, low action and no buzz – just as you’d expect from a JEM. This guitar does not show any wear except for the natural fade of the cloth pattern. Minor play wear. Paint is extremely good. You won't be disappointed. Original whammy bar is also included. The case is "not" original but, it is a hardshell case. Plays and sounds extremely good!!   $850.00



GTRkev MESSAGE BOARD - guitars WANTED and classifieds




My Sunset USA Jackson  is now for sale!!  MINT condition, finish and frets are perfect.  And it plays great too! Neck through, active pickups, all original.  Mid boost pre-amp, Jackson pickups, everything!!!!  $1,400.00 

  Gtrkev’s note: I have had this guitar for about 2 years it plays great, but I did not want to scratch it, so I think I’ve played it a total of about 15 minutes. As you know, by my Jackson collection, I have many other Jackson’s to play if I really want to play a Jackson.  I’m sure I have opened the case and looked at it, and shown it to my friends, many more times and much longer than I have played it.  It is a magnificent work of art!  For me, it was a completely collectible purchase.  You see when this guitar first came out, I was completely broke -- a student.  There was no way I could afford such a guitar (well over $1500.00 new, 10 years ago), and even if I could afford it, no music store in town had these Jackson Soloist’s with the custom paint.  (This was before ebay was very popular so forget about trying to buy one 2 or 3 years old).  But after searching for about 6 years total (and 2 or 3 years on eBay) I finally found what I was looking for.  The guy I bought this from had it for about 5 years and he also took extreme care of this baby, putting less than 2 hours on it total.  He also had another Jackson he played for everyday use.  I know the price is high for a used Jackson, but if you want a 1991 guitar with the sculpted neck joint, and custom paint, that looks exactly like the day it did hanging on the music store wall – this is it!  I have seen a couple of sunsets, but this is the one that Jackson had pictured in their brochure.  This is THE one.  Why am I selling?   I don’t know.  It was either this one or the custom painted “Skulls” Jackson, I don’t really need both.  I guess I have had so many great guitars over the last 2 or 3 years and I don’t have any time to play them much (2 kids now) I feel that it’s time for someone else to have a chance to enjoy this one.  What a beauty!  J



(SOLD) Jackson Soloist 1991 Professional  color is deep blue/purple, neck-thru, active Jackson pickups with mid boost pre-amp, sharkfin inlays, bound ebony fretboard, Jackson licensed Floyd, Steven’s cut neck joint allows for easy access for reaching all 24 frets, awesome!   M.I.J., excellent condition, great value $675 SOLOIST PICTURE1 (MVC-840X.JPG) SOLOIST PICTURE2 (MVC-841X.JPG)  Note: if you know this year/model Jackson you’ll know that the Pro’s were made and played exactly the same as the USA’s.  They used all the same wood, pickups, everything, even the specs where the same.  As a matter of fact, Jackson stopped making the Pro’s after a few years because they were taking away sales from their USA line.  Today Jackson has a “Performer” line which is not even close to the top quality USA or Pro guitars from the 90-91 era.  If you’re looking for a high quality guitar, this is by far one of the best values out there.


Can't find exactly what you want?  Post it on the GUITARS WANTED board.





Dean Markley CD-60 watt tube amp.  Hard to find these amps now, in the 80’s they were played by Alex Lifeson of Rush.  This combo amp sounds great, but it’s in cosmetically rough condition.  If this one sells, I’ll probably spend a lot more money and get another just like it except mint condition and with reverb built in.  However, The sound of this amp is First Rate! Very Easy to carry to practice and will cut through a loud drummer and another guitarist cranking up a Marshall halfstack – no problem.  Need a good amp that isn't as big as a Marshall stack? This is it!! This is a blues amp, baby! This thing rocks!  $200.00 (e-mail me for pix) Footswitch not included. 

A “Perfect 10” on Harmony-Central’s user reviews:


I now have another Dean Markley CD-60 (same as above) but in very good condition with reverb and footswitch.  $325.00

I love these amps!




(SOLD) - T.C. Electronics: G-Force Guitar Multi Effects (back panel)  with G-Card with artist’s presets, one of the best processors on the planet, very good condition  was $1050.00,  now $999.00 


(sold) Pandora PXR4 digital recording studio is a compact, completly self-contained 4-track digital recorder with built-in multi-effects, drum patterns and a chromatic tuner. MINT!! Works perfectly and perfect condition, comes with a nice case, orig manual, and 2 “AA” batteries.  Why be tied down to the “computer room” when recording?  With the built in mic you can take this from room to room, travel with it, or use it like a walkman to play your own music!!  Retail is $399.00, your price only $299.00.  go to eBay and see this Pandora PXR4

  Gtrkev’s note:  the most fun I’ve had with a recorder since I was a little kid.


Zoom PS-02 personal digital recording studio.  $175.00




Dean Markley CD-60 combo Amp w/FOOTSWITCH needed MINT only.  Will/Pay $$ or Trade?

Ibanez UE300 multi-effects with compressor, chorus and delay.  Will Pay $$

Roland FC-200 footcontroller.

or Yamaha MFC-10 midi Footcontroller.

Les Paul guitars 1995-2000 wanted. Will Pay $$ or Trade?

Hughes & Kettner Replex, tape delay simlator pedal. Will Pay $$







Frequently Asked Questions


Letters from Customers