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(SOLD)“Lynyrd Skynyrd” Autographed Gold-Top Guitar – See this guitar on eBay

Heritage - LYNYRD SKYNYRD (all members) signed on back of this Gold Top Beauty, Played on Skynyrd's '96 Tour, well played but what a tone! includes hard case. ( MVC-303F.JPG) Picture 1

MVC-304F.JPG Picture 2

MVC-305F.JPG Picture 3

MVC-306F.JPG Picture 4

MVC-307F.JPG Picture 5


(SOLD) Zakk Wylde playing Heritage FOR SALE $1099.00 (MVC-295.JPG)  See This guitar on eBay

Heritage  - 1985  Les Paul Type, Played by ZAKK WYLDE, Super Quilted Flame Top 
Zakk Playing (MVC309.JPG)
Neck Repaired at the base of headstock (look closely where 2 colors meet, you might see it), structurally sound, properly done repair, but cosmetically average, no repair needed on side or front of headstock (MVC-297F.JPG)






BC Rich Mockingbird 1977, Koa & Maple, (i.e. early Aerosmith), the Real Deal but shows its age -Plug holes by vol., Kahler added, Tuners changed, finish removed on back and neck, $1250.00 (MVC-285F.JPG) MVC-286F.JPG MVC-287F.JPG MVC-288F.JPG MVC-289F.JPG MVC-290F.JPG MVC-291F.JPG 



Carvin SC-90? tele-style  great finish and workmanship w/Gibson p-100 pickups $699 w/case (MVC-334X.JPG) full shot (MVC-335X.JPG) (SOLD)



Dean - 1999 Dimebag Slime Green Pantera Machine $599.00 (MVC-292F.JPG) MVC-293F.JPG  (SOLD) for $500 




Epiphone FlameKat, hot flames, cool dice, exc. condition $ 499 (MVC-492X.JPG)  full shot (MVC-493X.JPG)


Epiphone Florintine, flame top, f-holes, $525. (MVC-376X.JPG) MVC-377X.JPG  MVC-378X.JPG




(SOLD) Fender '95 Strat Custom Shop, Texas Specials, tweed case, near MINT Near MINT condition, not a scratch or ding on it. Nice birdseye maple neck.  White with tortoise shell color pickgaurd, rosewood fretboard, TEXAS SPECIAL p/u’s, plays very well, and all set up. Tweed case included. $1,000.00   headstock   neckplate & s/n   body certificate of authenticity 


Fender '57 re-issue Strat, amber to black burst, (circa 1985) Eric Johnson look out! $895.00  (MVC-352X.JPG)  full shot (MVC-353X.JPG)  (SOLD)  Man, could that thing play!


Fender 80's Rosewood Tele '69 Re-issue Limited run desirable MIJ $1150. (MVC-322X.JPG)  full shot (MVC-323X.JPG)  (SOLD)


Fender '94 Tele Am. Std. Sunburst exc. asking $599 make offer (MVC-326X.JPG) 

full shot (MVC-327X.JPG)  (SOLD)


Fender '72 Re-issue Thin Line Telecaster with f-hole asking $450  (MVC-350X.JPG)  full shot (MVC-351X.JPG) (Sold)


Fender '98 Strat, Beautiful Blonde see-thru finish, not U.S., All gold, must see  - won't last $299. (MVC-359X.JPG) (SOLD)

Fender '93 Strat Plus, Reverse burst silver, excellent condition, lace p/u's, with orig hard case $699.00  (MVC-404X.JPG)  headstock (MVC-405X.JPG)  full shot (MVC-406X.JPG)  (SOLD)


Fender Telecaster BEAUTIFUL!! two-tone wood, excellent condition, MUST SEE, hardshell case incl.  $1049.00 ( MVC-402X.JPG)  full shot (MVC-403X.JPG)  side angle view (MVC-456X.JPG) (Sold)


Fender '95 factory Painted headstock USA std Strat $575.00  rare  (MVC-329X.JPG) 

body closeup (MVC-328X.JPG) (Sold)


Fender '97 Big Apple Strat USA asking $699. make offer  (MVC-330X.JPG) full shot (MVC-331X.JPG) (Sold) 


Fender - Strat 1997 Collector's Edition, only 1997 made in the world,  MINT! sunburst finish,  $999.00 (MVC-280F.JPG) MVC-279F.JPG MVC-281F.JPG MVC-282F.JPG MVC-283F.JPG MVC-284F.JPG  Super clean condition!


Picture of - Fender Heavy Metal Strat Stratocaster USA - Entire Guitar   See Auction page on eBay(sold)

Picture of - Fender Heavy Metal Strat Stratocaster USA - Back of guitar (Sold)

Picture of - Fender Heavy Metal Strat Stratocaster USA - Headstock

Picture of - Fender Heavy Metal Strat Stratocaster USA - Body

Picture of - Fender Heavy Metal Strat Stratocaster USA - neckplate (USA stamped!!)






(SOLD) Gibson LES PAUL CUSTOM, Black Beauty 1957 R/I, excellent condition $1779.00

I try to be conservative when I rate the guitars I sell, but I must say this one is in very good

condition.  There is some very, very light worming on the back but I could not get it to show in the photos, not bad at all, but I want you to know its there.  Otherwise, this guitar is in great shape.  Plays great, excellent

action.  Classic Black Beauty.  You will not be disappointed with this guitar!!

 full full-with-case back action-view  headstock  headstock_back  body-closeup   back2


Gibson - Gothic SG, matte black finish, like new, moon and star at 12th fret $795.00 (MVC-480X.JPG)  full shot (MVC-481X.JPG) (Sold)


Gibson 70's Les Paul Gold-Top, neck professionally reshaped to exactly match a 60's flametop, this one plays unbelievably well $1295. (MVC-482X.JPG)  full shot (MVC-483X.JPG) (Sold)


Gibson, Artist?, you must see, very good condition,  mother of pearl inlays, black beauty $??? email me  (MVC-386X.JPG)  MVC-387X.JPG (SOLD)


Gibson "The Paul II" - It could be yours, every offer considered ! (MVC-355X.JPG)  full shot (MVC-356X.JPG) headstock  (MVC-357X.JPG) (SOLD)


Gibson - 1999 Les Paul 1959 Re-issue 40th Anniv., 2 cases, Orig. Gibson Tags still on it,  Flame Maple Top, List over $8000.  Now: $4,250.00 (MVC-272F.JPG) MVC-273F.JPG MVC-274F.JPG MVC-275F.JPG  (SOLD)


Gibson '98 Les Paul Double Cutaway Pro with Wraparound Bridge / P-90's  List $3,950.  Asking $1350.  full shot (MVC-349X.JPG) (SOLD)


Gibson - Les Paul 1977 Sunburst, VG+ but finish worn through on back/neck, changed tuners w/holes $1250.00 (MVC-277F.JPG) MVC-276F.JPG MVC-278F.JPG  (SOLD)


Gibson 1995 ES 335 DOT re-issue, cherry flametop, excellent++ condition, orig hardshell case(nice), $1450  (MVC-382X.JPG) full shot (MVC-383X.JPG) model / serial number closeup (MVC-384X.JPG)  MVC-383X.JPG  MVC-384X.JPG MVC-385X.JPG (Sold) 





Heritage '94 Beautiful quilt top LP w/ OHSC must see $ 1250.  make offer  (MVC-332X.JPG) full shot (MVC-333X.JPG) (Sold)


Heritage Flame Maple LP - asking $999.  (MVC-320X.JPG)  MVC-321X.JPG   (Sold)



Ibanez Artist - cream, neck thru, all original - make an offer!  (MVC-336X.JPG) full shot (MVC-337X.JPG) (Sold)


Ibanex Artists - black, neck thru, all orig., very good cond.  - $599.  body closeup (MVC-451X.JPG) (Sold)


Ibanez RG series 12-string electric, fast neck, rare, Very Good cond, make an offer!  (MVC-338X.JPG) full shot (MVC-339X.JPG) (Sold)



(SOLD) Jackson Soloist 1991 Professional  color is deep blue/purple, neck-thru, active Jackson pickups with mid boost pre-amp, sharkfin inlays, bound ebony fretboard, Jackson licensed Floyd, Steven’s cut neck joint allows for easy access for reaching all 24 frets, awesome!   M.I.J., excellent condition, great value $675 SOLOIST PICTURE1 (MVC-840X.JPG) SOLOIST PICTURE2 (MVC-841X.JPG)  Note: if you know this year/model Jackson you’ll know that the Pro’s were made and played exactly the same as the USA’s.  They used all the same wood, pickups, everything, even the specs where the same.  As a matter of fact, Jackson stopped making the Pro’s after a few years because they were taking away sales from their USA line.  Today Jackson has a “Performer” line which is not even close to the top quality USA or Pro guitars from the 90-91 era.  If you’re looking for a high quality guitar, this is by far one of the best values out there.


Picture of - Jackson Soloist 1991 "Deco Dreams" pictures -front, back, neck, headstock Bid Now (on eBay) (Sold)

Picture of - Jackson Soloist 1991 headstock

Picture of - Jackson Soloist 1991 - back of guitar 

Jackson Active Pickups and Preamp with mid-boost.  (Sold)


Jackson USA Soloist 1991 - "Sword Princess Graphic, Volcanoes and Dragon", aftermarket artist's airbrush background, pen & ink drawing, all under the finish - one of a kind, plays great  $850.00 (Sold) full shot (MVC-394X.JPG)  headstock (MVC-401X.JPG)  please excuse the fingerprints on the guitar in the photos.

The Story behind the Sword Princess Graphic (Sold)



Mosrite "Ventures" 1968 100% orig!!  OHSCase incl  exc cond bluebook $2500,  sell $2150.00  (MVC-324X.JPG)  full shot (MVC-325X.JPG)  (Sold)



Ovation 6-string electric, groovy cool, make an offer! (MVC-340X.JPG) full shot (MVC-341X.JPG)



Yamaha - SG3000 Custom, yr.~1981, #21!, VG+ cond. but nick on back of neck, similar to Santana's Guitar in the early days $1250.00 (MVC-269F.JPG) MVC-270F.JPG MVC-271F.JPG  (SOLD)





Marshall JCM 2000 DSL 100w head (sold)detailed features, loaded with a matched set of Groove Tubes (EL34s) professionally installed and biased to make this amp sound better than any DSL I have played.  The official Marshall website says this may be THE best sounding Marshall ever!  The clean channel sounds unbelievable and the crunch channel has LOTS and LOTS of gain.  This head is in mint condition. 

Marshall Picture2   Marshall Picture3  Marshall Picture4 

Marshall Bid Page on Ebay(sold)


For more info on the sound of the Marshall DSL 100, check out these reviews:

review 1 - Guitar Shop Article on the DSL 100

review 2 - Guitar World Review of the DSL 100

review 3 - Settings and Tones of the DSL 100


Marshall JCM 2000 DSL 50 watt head – was $699.00,  now $649.00 -- Pictures coming soon. (Sold)




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Frequently Asked Questions


Letters from Customers